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Portland, Oregon





Hey, I'm Brittany M. Wake.

I'm a Denver, CO native, recruited to Portland, OR to help a system and a city get "woke". As a Black woman living at the intersections of innate power and imposed marginalization, I take that charge as a grave responsibility and have invested my personal and professional life in service to it. 



I have a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with Multicultural Emphasis, practicing trauma-responsive care. I utilize my counseling education and experience, in tandem with my previous role as the EDI Training & Development Manager in Oregon's largest community mental health service organization, to inform services delivered by The Wake. I see opportunities and obstacles through the lens of (dis)connection and maximization. There's tremendous potential for growth, hope, and healing in individual systems, as well as the intersections there-of, including mental health, legal, educational, political, and media related systems. The Wake is my contribution to realizing that potential.



Client Reviews

Our staff came expecting to listen to “the standard diversity and inclusion” talk - that’s a direct quote- and instead got to hear something that felt special. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. If you’re looking for someone to present to a group of four, or a room of 40, I can’t recommend Brittany enough. I truly hope we’ll have another opportunity to work with her again.
— Tami Wood, Community Lead, Jaguar Land Rover
Working with Brittany has been integral in the development of my businesses and initiatives, especially as it pertains to developing innovative strategies in the diversity and inclusion space.

Brittany has a unique perspective which highlights business needs on both the macro and micro level. She’s abreast of current workplace themes and trends and is undoubtedly a thought leader in this space; she comes highly recommended.
— Brandon E. Miller, Entrepreneur
Working with Brittany is enlightening, refreshing, and empowering. Her ability to critically think about social justice/multicultural issues within the counseling field is eye opening. Her skills have guided me in strengthening my ability to better serve my clients and community.
— Latrease Love Nwosu, Marriage and Family Therapist