Short, Sweet, and Thoughtful- Provide a 1-2 hour presentation to your team to start or continue more targeted conversations about the role of EDIT-R in your organization.


Getting in Gear- Provide a 1-2 day long, retreat-style workshop for your team where you will delve into the nuances of developing and implementing the practical portion of EDIT-R integration. 


The Long Haul- This is where we work together to do the heavy lifting from a systems approach. You've started to build a philosophical foundation with EDIT-R and have some key strengths, which fuel an overwhelming awareness that there's even more to be done. Whether it is challenges with engaging clients from marginalized communities or struggles retaining a diverse team, The Wake can work with you to deconstruct the barriers and find solutions. Time commitment will vary with expressed need.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training

Provide your team with training, certified by The National Council for Behavioral Health, to become Mental Health First Aid Responders- helping those developing or currently experiencing mental health crises. Find more information at  


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