Operationalizing EDIT-R


Does anyone even know what EDIT-R is? 

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Trauma-Responsiveness are highly publicized and politicized, currently. You can hear them used popularly, and often incorrectly, by just about everyone who has a sense of being "woke" and/or who is adamantly opposed to succumbing to "identity politics".

The wake aims to define these terms, as well as operationalize them, to create tangible goals as well as a structured philosophy of being with respect to the individuality of every client.


The Wake's Conceptualization of EDIT-R


restructuring systems to institute justice and fairness where it has historically been unbalanced


acknowledging the spectrum of human differences and similarities that, when combined, provide richer, more nuanced context of the human experience through representation


honoring the varied and diverse perspectives of individual group members, beyond representation, through implementation of credited contribution


fostering the healing of historically marginalized groups and individuals through recognition that trauma is endemic in the experience of oppression